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His 20+ years experience of Physics teaching to students of different age groups and mentoring a good number of successful NEET/JEE toppers as well as students undergoing Physics courses at IISER/ IISc, Bangalore and even abroad, makes Quark an automatic destination for students wanting to elevate their Physics knowledge, skill and performance at the basic or advanced level as well as competitive examinations like NEET, JEE etc.

In a world where physics education often instills fear, Quark Centre for Physics Learning stands as a beacon of change. Through simple yet engaging presentations, step-by-step conceptual exploration, and real-world examples, Quark redefines the learning experience. Directed by Mr. Sisir Das, whose passion for physics led him to depart from a lucrative government career, Quark is committed to nurturing a love for physics in students of all ages. With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Das has mentored numerous successful NEET/JEE candidates and students pursuing advanced physics courses, making Quark the ultimate destination for those seeking to enhance their physics knowledge and excel in competitive examinations.

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Want to crack your dream exam and persue your career in your dream college. Enroll in Quark Centre for Physics Learning classes and live your dream.

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